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Synopses of important developments in the field of structural biology and structural genomics, including advances from the Protein Structure Initiative. The featured articles and technical highlights are specially written for the Structural Biology Knowledgebase, while the research highlights are taken from NPG publications.

December 2009

  • featured articles

    • Two-component signaling

      The structure of a sensor histidine kinase in complex with its effector response regulator reveals the details of the phosphoryl transfer reaction.

    • Known unknowns

      Structural comparison reveals that nearly three-quarters of protein domains of unknown function actually belong to characterized families.

  • research highlights

    • Keep your eye on the atom

      Researchers use atomic force microscopy to image the chemical structure of the small molecule pentacene, with atomic resolution.

    • Initiating Pol II

      The structure of the complete Pol II–B complex at 4.3 Å resolution, along with functional studies and structural modeling, provides insights into initiation and the transition into elongation.

  • technical highlights

    • How does Dali work?

      Comparing three-dimensional protein structures can reveal functional clues. The Dali server is one of the most popular ways to achieve this.

    • Learning from failure

      With more than 200,000 protein targets there are bound to be a few proteins that just won't yield structures. To avoid repeating a costly failure, check our databases before you start.

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